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The Owl’s Nest Daycare & Preschool

The Owl’s Nest Daycare & Preschool provides transportation to Chief Joseph School of the Arts, Discovery Elementary, Pioneer School of the Arts, Prospect Elementary, and River Valley Elementary.

Director:  Miss Melissa (phone: 208-898-9700)

Hours:  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday thru Friday

The Owl’s Nest Daycare & Preschool is committed to providing the highest quality child care environment possible. We pursue this commitment by integrating an age-appropriate educational curriculum and a healthy, peaceful environment in which a child’s social, emotional, creative, and physical needs develop. We set extremely high standards for the staff who care for your child in order to ensure a successful relationship with the child and the child’s parents. Every child is unique and the staff will provide a positive, nurturing relationship whereby staff help to develop a high sense of self-esteem and self-worth for your child. And your child will learn to live together, problem solve, and appreciate the things that make everyone special. The Owl’s Nest Daycare & Preschool curriculum is focused on improving academic performance, emphasizing positive social behavior, reducing conduct problems, and minimizing emotional distress.


Our NEW partner: “Brighter Beginnings Learning Center” located at 1463 E Star Drive!

What Makes The Owl’s Nest Daycare Different?


Updated facility that is new throughout to ensure a clean, safe, and ideal environment for socialization and learning.

Team Members

Staff are experienced, patient, and trained in CPR and first aid.

Small Class Size

Excellent student-to-teacher ratios ensure high-quality oversight, interaction, safety, and learning.

What Parents are saying about The Owl’s Nest Daycare

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